Over the years, SI Jacobson Manufacturing has produced thousands of bags for use in the medical industry. We have a deep understanding of the unique specifications required for products used in the medical field, and we understand that functionality and ease-of-use are critical to the design of these bags. Above all, SI Jacobson knows that the importance of compliance requirements cannot be underestimated when producing medical solutions.

As a manufacturing company, SI Jacobson maintains industry certification standards including ISO 9001-2015, RoHS, Prop 65 and REACH to name a few. For medical requirements beyond this list, SI Jacobson works with a client’s compliance specifications up front in order to allow ample time for quality control and testing in the project timeline. We document all requirements and maintain detailed records of the steps taken to meet the various compliance protocols we undertake, ensuring the bags we make for our medical clients are produced with a focus on exceptional usability, quality and safety.