SI Jacobson Manufacturing develops customized solutions to accompany consumer products spanning a wide spectrum of categories – from totes to hold skincare and shaving equipment, to bags that conveniently transport infant care items, to cases for protecting and carrying electronics. Although the purposes for the consumer items we manufacture can be quite different, each is created with a common goal – to build the strongest possible relationship between the end-user and our client’s brand.

To accomplish this goal, we start with the end in mind, seeking to fully understand how the client’s product will be carried, handled, used and stored. As part of our process, we study our client’s consumer through category research they bring to the table, then combine that with our own user-experience assessment. We then factor in the product’s positioning and brand guidelines to make sure what we’re creating delivers against the brand’s promise. Finally, we integrate appropriate retail trends, innovation and styling to ensure we’re producing a case that resonates with the end-user and also creates the brand-to-consumer link we’re seeking.