Our customer serves the forestry industry and had a need to enhance the overall performance and durability of their current line of rope storage bags.  We develop and manufacture durable and cost-effective products that can withstand heavy use and extreme conditions. The customer came to us looking for innovative ideas and industry expertise to help improve the strength and durability of the bag.


The customer had an existing bag in production that we had not previously produced. The bag was an important storage item for forestry workers, but the seams of the bag were failing. The customer looked to us to provide suggestions that would help improve the overall durability and strength of the bag while maintaining the same price point. We needed to identify materials that could meet or exceed their current standards, while providing technical solutions for reinforcing seam strength and durability.


Our design and sourcing team came up with several options to improve the overall quality of the bag and actively collaborated with the customer to decide on the best route for product improvement. After rigorous strength and load bearing tests, our team worked to integrate the recommended enhancements into the customer’s product.


Our collaborative redesign improved the quality, durability, and functionality of these bags. They are built to withstand the harsh conditions without failing the end users.