Our customer’s mission is to partner with the health care community to help people resume and enjoy active lives. To this end, we develop and/or market clinically proven and cost-effective product offerings for pain treatment, restorative therapies and surgical solutions that are backed by clinical data. The customer came to us looking for innovative ideas to transform their concept into actual products.


The customer was not familiar with the cut and sew industry and needed a partner who could design and develop a new soft goods collection with unique fabric and innovative product designs. They wanted to design a user-friendly, wearable solution that would pass rigorous testing for materials, biocompatibility, and would have extensive documentation for each material due to FDA certification. We needed to identify materials that could meet or exceed these standards, while also working as a comfortable medical wearable.
The concept needed to integrate textiles with plastics where a module would be inserted. We needed to develop the plastic mechanical housing that holds and locks in the module. The material had to hold tight tolerance and pass rigorous testing and documentation standards to show that the textile portion performs well.


Our engineers and design team came up with several options and engaged collaboratively with our customer’s teams to assess each option. After selection and testing, our teams worked to incorporate the selected materials of both textile and plastic into physical concepts that were then tested with consumers as a wearable, comfortable design.


Our customer launched the new soft goods line with success as well as another follow-up product based on the initial concept that will be used on other areas of the body for medical relief. Both products are now FDA approved and considered leading products in the market.