Our customer, a medical device company, connects patients and caregivers through safe, life-saving and enhancing IV therapy products, systems, and services.

Our customer focuses 100% on creating intuitive, patient-centric IV products and services that provide meaningful clinical differentiation, consistent innovation, and superior value. Our customer provided us with an opportunity to update, innovate and advance their IV and IV pump carry program.


This company supplies products for the hospital industry, specifically oncology, infusion therapy and critical care divisions. They offer products for both single use and multiple use. We were tasked with creating products that were easier and faster to load IV pump systems into, were more ergonomic to carry, complied with updated hygiene cleaning methods and provided a more acceptable everyday design.


We created a faster and easier identification system to load the pump, access the pump diagnostics and protect the product while carrying. We used new materials that are FDA compliant and are able to be industrial washed over 25 times. We designed new ergonomic carry systems to allow for multiple sized users, while maintaining a correct load carry.


Our customer’s carry line successfully set the bar for hospital acceptance and user appreciation. Nurses and techs appreciate the easier and more secure loading of the pump and IV components. We provide our customer with updates and continual improvements as technology advances in the IV pump industry.