Our customer’s mission is to produce the most durable, high-end precision tools for the industrial and energy markets. Every tool is engineered and produced in the U.S. The company prides itself on its domestic-made product and its ability to fulfill all orders within 36 hours. Similar to SI Jacobson Manufacturing, our customer has a rich history. They were founded in 1927 and have always strived to be a market leader in their industry. Our customer was looking for a partner who understood the industrial tool market and had the capability to manufacture and fulfill orders in the U.S. In addition, they were looking for innovative design concepts to refresh their brand and give it a more youthful image.


Our customer was looking to rebrand their tool pouches and rolls to appeal to a younger generation of end users. Material requirements were critical and they needed their packaging to reflect the same quality their tools were known for in the marketplace. They were also looking to improve their lead times and guarantee a faster turnaround time for all their Made in the USA tools.


We came up with several options to refresh our customer’s brand image and engaged collaboratively to assess each option. Our design team worked with the customer’s product development team to incorporate their redesigned logo and image on a newly-sourced black denim fabric. We were able to develop several prototypes quickly at our domestic location which shortened the product development cycle. The new pouches and rolls required custom silk screening, sewing and heat seal applications. They also had to be durable enough to withstand heavy tool inserts. All materials, components and manufacturing had to be sourced and made in the U.S. In addition, we established a stocking program with our customer so they could fulfill orders on a monthly basis with no risk of stock outs.


Our customer launched its rebranded tool rolls and pouches with great success. The premium quality look and feel of the new packaging clearly differentiates our customer’s product from their competition. In addition, the new packaging resonates with end users who take pride in using domestic made tools. With our new stocking program in place, our customer has been able to take advantage of growing demand for their products knowing they have safety stock on hand at all times. Due to our highly automated processes, we are now the client’s domestic vendor of choice.