Our customer is a leading provider of products to new mothers and infants which are sold directly at retail and through hospitals and medical distributors.  Our customer’s products are a critical part of infant care and increasingly are highly portable.  We supply high quality soft cases and bags that carry and protect the products and enhance their use.


Our Customer’s soft goods supply chain experienced a major disruption and our customer was looking at a potential shutdown of their assembly operation in the US.  We were supporting a portion of the Company’s needs and it quickly became apparent that we would need to significantly ramp up our capacity to meet 100% our customer’s needs.


Given the time sensitive nature of the situation, we quickly mobilized our capacity in both China and Vietnam to quickly ramp up production of key items and put our Cambodia operation on alert in the event we needed additional capacity.  We air freighted time sensitive products and began securing containers for those items we were able to ship by sea.


Given the diversification in our manufacturing base overseas as well as our ability to quickly reschedule other requirements to different factories we were able to meet the needs of our customer and avoid a costly disruption to their operation.

We are proud of how our employees responded and it confirmed the strategic and operational advantage of maintaining operations in different regions and countries.