Our customer is a leading manufacturer of industrial tools seeking a protective carrying case for their driver and bits set. They serve technicians and tradesmen with a comprehensive product line for electrical trades from power distribution to residential electrical tools as well as tools for the HVAC and plumbing trades.


The customer was missing a soft carry case for the driver and bits set in their current product line. They wanted to develop a lightweight, soft case design that would provide maximum shock protection for the driver and bits with a minimum footprint. Additionally, the case needed to be easily accessible and able to hold the driver and bits in place while being held upside down.


Our design team designed a bag with a diagonal zipper opening for easy access to the driver and bits when technicicans fully open the bag while on the job. We selected an EVA shell and a foam-molded vertical shape to provide durability and optimal protection. Our development team worked with our factories to create stepped-shape foam inserts that securely hold the driver and bits in the bag from the bottom. This design offers a premium look and feel, and adds value and superior performance to the products.


Our customer launched the product with success and both our client, and their customers were pleased with the overall look and feel of the finished product. We thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to create what we feel is one of our most exciting projects to date.