Our customer is a leading manufacturer of industrial tools seeking to reinvigorate the branding of their professional tool bag line. They serve technicians and tradesman in the electrical, construction and aerospace markets. The customer has a line of premium professional tools and equipment that they sell through industrial distributors and retailers to the professional trade market.


The customer did not feel their current line of tool bags and accessories appropriately differentiated its product from its competition. They wanted to enhance their brand by improving the overall look and quality of their portfolio of tool bags. They also wanted to highlight the functionality of the storage systems within their bags.


We came up with a number of options and engaged collaboratively with our customer to walk through them. Our Design team worked with the customer’s product management group to incorporate their new corporate identity into the product line. Our Development team took these designs and worked with our factories to implement the upgraded look, feel, durability and overall performance of the collection. We selected unique and rugged materials for the entire collection, but also created a signature look to differentiate them from their competition.


Our customer launched the re-branded product line with success and entrenched their own brand identity within their market, further enhancing the premium positioning of their tools. The re-brand and new product line also enabled the customer to secure placement of a new item within a major big box retailer that will further expand their brand and product offering.