Elyn Fan

Senior Product Developer

86-13670173673 | EFan@sij.com

In her role as senior product developer at SI Jacobson, Elyn helps guide new client projects from start to finish. She begins by reviewing specifications, then collaborates with the design team to inform her recommendations for materials, construction methods, and process improvements. Her attention to detail and collaboration with suppliers along the way results in a finished work sample ready for production. Elyn has worked in and around product development over 13 years, sourcing product materials, managing samples and production, and supporting order processing. Her experience includes similar roles at RG Barry Corp. and as part of China’s team at Baggallini. Elyn holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ha’erbin University of Commerce, and in her non-work time enjoys travelling, photography, and watching a great movie and lives with her husband and two children.