Derek Crenshaw

Senior Creative Director

847-623-1504  |

Derek brings a wealth of design experience to SI Jacobson, having spent more than 25 years as a product designer for outdoor, travel, branded and private label, and OEM solutions. In addition to his extensive design chops, Derek knows his way around the manufacturing side of the business, immersing himself in domestic and overseas manufacturing processes, sample-making, and lean manufacturing. He is an avid student of the industry, continually advancing and refining his product design skills through study of trend and sustainability practices. In his role as senior creative director, he leads the creative design and development process, working directly with SI Jacobson’s clients to achieve the desired end-result. Derek holds two patents and has received a Red Dot Honorary mention. When not solving product design challenges, he enjoys immersing himself in the world of sports (White Sox, Blackhawks, and Packers, to be specific) and streaming sci-fi, fantasy, and Marvel® programming.