Charles Gonzalez

Chief Executive Officer

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As CEO, Charlie’s primary responsibility is to set the strategic vision and action plan for the company. Every day his energy and efforts are focused on the development of new markets, creating a culture of operational excellence, and exploring innovative ways to meet the needs of our customers and prospects while continuing to build out the creative and operational team. Charlie has been a partner of Albion Investors for 16 years, the private investment firm that owns SI Jacobson Manufacturing. Charlie assumed the role of CEO in 2016 to help accelerate the growth of SI Jacobson.  While at Albion, Charlie has worked with several businesses in the packaging and soft goods industry.  Over the past 10 years, the majority of Charlie’s time at Albion has been focused on helping the portfolio businesses drive process improvements in all facets of the operations, as well as driving a culture of excellence by building strong management teams with focused goals to drive enterprise value.  When not traveling for work, he enjoys traveling with his family and the occasional golf game. Charlie earned his BS at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.