SI Jacobson Manufacturing Celebrates 85 Years of Quality and Customer Satisfaction

As the world of packaging has evolved, SI Jacobson Manufacturing has evolved with it. From humble beginnings we have grown to become an industry leader and proud partner of companies in many industries around the world. Yet, our mission remains the same: to elevate our customers’ business through development of packaging, carrying and storage solutions that enhance their end users’ experience.

This year marks the 85th anniversary of SI Jacobson Manufacturing. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how it all started.

An Entrepreneur at Heart

In 1934, our company’s founder, 23-year-old Sidney Jacobson, borrowed $4.50 from his mother to start his own business. It was the height of the Great Depression – not an ideal time to start a new venture. But Sidney was an entrepreneur at heart, and he saw a need in the bustling city of Chicago where he lived. People had tools and vocational items that they needed to carry and store. After taking some time to understand customer needs and current offerings, Sidney took the leap and designed a bag for carrying sewing supplies. And SI Jacobson Manufacturing was born!

Soon the company began to produce other vinyl and fabric products, including covers for automobile horns and tool carriers. During World War II, the company contracted with the U.S. government to supply military tool rolls for American troops.

As Sidney expanded the company’s repertoire, work for clients followed in a variety of industries, including retail, automotive, medical, sports and more. Sidney had an eye for detail, a steadfast commitment to quality, and a loyal dedication to customer needs. Over the many decades that followed, SI Jacobson Manufacturing made a name as a leader in designing and producing high quality, innovative, fabric and vinyl packaging and carrying solutions.

Evolving with the Times

Sidney ran SI Jacobson Manufacturing until 1970. From its modest beginnings, the company grew to own and occupy a seven-story building in Chicago. In 1985, the business relocated to a 90,000 square foot warehouse on Jacobson Drive in Waukegan, IL.

Making it a true family-run business, Sidney’s sons, Art and Harold, took over the business when he retired. They expanded the company’s manufacturing capabilities to include compression molded specialty cases and products. Sidney’s grandson, Mark, eventually took over ownership along with his sister, Wendy. This third generation oversaw the expansion of the company overseas to China and Southeast Asia. In addition, the company began offering full-service custom design services, and expanded on Sidney’s philosophy of working collaboratively with clients and going the extra mile for every project.  

In 2012, the family transitioned ownership and management of the business. Today, SI Jacobson Manufacturing continues to grow, with customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia, and manufacturing centers in the U.S., China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Not many companies that started in the early 20th century are still around to celebrate. Eighty-five years later, we proudly share our founder’s dedication to quality and customer service. And we’re looking forward to the prospect of celebrating 100 years in business!

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